Sunday, November 9, 2008

She's a girl!

Last Friday was wonderful, work was smooth and I got picked up right on time to go to our big ultrasound!

Geoff and Kenzie were of course the ones that picked me up and were there for the whole thing. It was very clear that she is a little girl and right when we finished confirming she has all her parts the awesome (also pregnant!) tech panned out to see baby girls face again and we saw her out her little thumb in her mouth. . She looked just like Kenzie did, and I know this for sure because the day or two before we'd been watching the video of Kenzie's ultrasound. Didn't get a video this time but we did get a couple of awesome pictures!

She's just sucking her thumb and waiting patiently for the next 5 months to pass so she can join us...

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Anna. xo. said...

Congrats on your baby GIRL!