Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MS Walk 2009

The time has come once again to create a team for the MS Walk for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society!

I've had a team almost but not quite every year since being diagnosed, and this year I was pretty torn, because my due date is almost the exact same day as the walk!!

My original due date was 4/4/2009 and then the ultrasound said it was 4/1/2009. If you know me at ALL you know that I greatly prefer to tell people it is April Fools Day though officially it is still 4/4/2009 in the medical books...this will keep them from trying to induce me if Hazel hasn't come within 2 weeks of that date which I do appreciate!

Anyway, back to the walk. I decided that I should indeed still organize a team because I know so many wonderful people through all of the different groups that I am a part of, Hip Mama's, LLL, MS groups, Knitting groups, etc. that I know are interested in participating in this kind of event. It helps that in Seattle there has been a pretty big ad campaign letting the general public know that the Northwest has more than it's share of people who live with this Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. I've already been thanked for giving people a way to support people they know who have the diagnosis and I am really honored to be a part of that.

Plus, back to my personal life, I remember clearly that weekend I was in labor with Kenzie almost three and a half years ago when I walked (through contractions!!) up to 125th street from Mt. Sinai on 98th street and back which was for sure more than 4 miles. So I know that if I have NOT had Hazel yet, walking will be a welcome way to encourage her to join us. If I HAVE had Hazel though, another lesson I learned from Kenzie's birth is that I should NOT walk that much right after having Hazel.

Either way I will be very actively participating to coordinate and introduce the people who will be taking my place as a group leader on the day of the walk if needed.

You can see the link over at the top of the links on the right side of this page just under my picture to see the MS Walk pages that I've put together so that you can join or contribute as you so desire!

Thanks for taking the time to read this...I'm flattered every time I get a comment that lets me know someone actually took the time to read something I wrote!


Single Mom Seeking said...

Wow, Kristin, it's amazing to be reconnected... Did you know that I had my baby girl on 4/4/00 in NYC? I was walking those same streets... before heading to the birthing center at St. Luke's/Roosevelt.

Big hug for you!

Kimby said...

Yeah...I was at Mt. Sinai.

I have to say, comparing an east coast pregnancy being overseen by a team of OB/GYN's compared to a west coast pregnancy being overseen by a midwife are drastically different.

That's awesome that I'm due on her birthday!!