Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm not having a boy!!

Stereotypes crack me up...the latest one that has been chasing me around is the way my stomach sticks out determining if you are having a boy or a girl...higher for boy, lower for girl. I've had 2 people so far who VERY confidently guessed that I was indeed having a boy!

Other than that, it is the usual "You are so HUGE!" "You are ready to pop!" type comments from strangers and people I know, who, even if they've been told numerous times, are 'shocked' to hear I have about 2 more months to go. I am thinking that I will start acting shocked just for entertainment....saying things like, "Are you serious? No way... Maybe that was why it seemed like I couldn't find a shirt that fit this morning!!

Life is good otherwise, work has been busy (in a good way...but it is still exhausting), and I'm keeping busy the rest of the time with friends and other groups I'm involved in. I have been using Arbonne recently for my skin and make up and love it...plan to try the protein powder for shakes next (soon as I'm out of the giant costco bag of protein powder I'm using).

I also found a book with um, 'positions', to use when you are pregnant, which is appreciated! Things do get a big awkward sometimes, not too bad


bikurgurl said...

You are hilarious!! I had the same comments when I was pregnant the second time around (I was carrying a boy, but was a life-sized cantaloupe!).

Good luck with your positions, but nothing helped us deliver ours any faster than they wanted to be born ;)

Kimby said...

lol...I wasn't talking about 'labor' position...hehe!