Saturday, February 28, 2009

Laid off

My last post was right on about time passing...yesterday the 2 year chapter of my life working at Daptiv ended. I was laid off at about 9:30am (well, 9:38, I was a little late) along with a large handful of my co-workers.

It was an emotional and pretty draining day, mostly because I will miss people I've become close too and with all these pregnancy I definitely did cry, probably for about an hour it would start up as someone walked up to my desk my eye's would start leaking, it was almost funny.

I have gotten so much experience and insight into what goes into running a smaller startup-ish VC funded company. I did time working with Professional Services, Marketing, did some filing for Finance, worked my way through Technical Support and then my time ended while I was the Visual Designer on the Product Development team.

Honestly I am looking forward to this next chapter that started today, I'm getting to know a lot of new women through Arbonne and this morning spent time at a Champions Workshop focused on personal development to reach goals of all levels. I'm excited and finding ways to keep making enough money to stay out of an office and to be able to spend more time with my girls...Kenzie and Hazel who is due in just over 4 weeks.

I feel tired today, forgot to take my iron today so I took that and will be taking a nap I should wake up bright and refreshed.

Other ongoing projects are getting some plastic bins in here to 'pack/organize' stuff that isn't actively in use so that when we ARE able to move into the house we can do so quickly and efficiently as well as not tripping quite so often.

So yeah, life is good, and now I can say I've lived through the experience of being laid off, I always like to have more experiences in life to reflect on!

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