Friday, February 27, 2009

Time is passing...

I just took a look at this page and realized I have not updated it with a pregnancy picture in a really long time! I just put some up in facebook, but I'd like to share it here too, my due date is a month and 1-5 days away depending on if you trust ultrasound (4/1) or forecasting by date (4/4). I'm also having a baby shower this weekend that I am really excited about, lots of very strong inspiring women coming together to have some fun (thanks Gail!).

I'm excited and feeling good! Still planning on doing a home birth and walking up and down Alki when I need to 'walk it out' to survive the early stages of labor. It is going to be wonderful...once it happens I'll miss those little kicks though!! Lol...I know that isn't entirely true, I thought I would with Kenzie, but once I met her the kicks were nothing compared to gazing at her happy face and holding her in my arms.

See you soon Hazel!!

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