Monday, March 30, 2009

Clean now...

Okay, all better. A wonderful man came to my door, hands covered with paint and grease asking if I was having a hot water which I said "YES!!"

He came in, put on the tub water, and asked if I've been using a lot of hot water this morning..."Nooo...none since Saturday morning." a few grunts later and a surprised statement or two about how it isn't even warm later I heard "Ah-Ha!". He showed me how he wiggled the round thing around the turn on the water thing and then slammed the turn on water thing all the way over to the hot side (sorry...don't know those words!) and said if it happens again just do that, and then assured me I wouldn't break it by jerking it like that.

So I called the DPD back, withdrew my claim, and then took a lovely hot shower...I made some iced tea, now I'm going to try and make some phone calls to my Arbonne customers to let them know about all the exciting news I heard about this morning and then head on over to the FC5 Road Tour event that I'll be attending tonight...I'm really excited about it but I do wish I'd reached out to more friends this weekend to see if they'd join me as there will be lots of good info, they could see what this Arbonne thing is that I'm so excited about.

I have about 5 more days until my due date of 4/4/09 and of course 2 days til the ultrasounds version of a due date (4/1/09) so we will see...I don't feel like I'm going into labor or anything, but we will see. I won't be going any further than Bellevue this week so I don't get stranded anywhere and end up delivering in my car or something, which actually wouldn't be that bad, I'd get a kick out of telling that story!!

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Audrey said...

What a pain in the ass, but I'm glad it's finally resolved!