Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot Water day THREE!! -- Ripple Rock Saga

Okay...this is getting beyond old.

I was able to get a hold of my landlord yesterday, which was comical because she said I should be using 'the' other number, which had previously been described as her mother's house. She laughed and said no, so I asked for the number and yes, it was different, so this means for the whole year and a half I've lived here I have not had the correct contact information for my landlord. I have it now though. She said someone is coming today and that he can 'take a look' at it.

My first message was left on her cel phone at 8am yesterday morning, then called again around noon. We have not had hot water coming out of the shower/tub since Saturday morning. Sponge baths do NOT give you that 'clean' feeling the way that taking a shower does....maybe it's the process of heating hot water on the stove, carrying it to the bathroom and pouring it in the tub that makes it less 'pleasurable'. In my case, pleasurable isn't even the word, if anything it feels like it will induce or break my waters as I am due within a week.

Yes, my due date, for my daughter is Saturday (it's the day after tomorrow if you trust ultrasounds!). Now I can't even take a bath, a shower, without filling, heating, and carrying pots and pouring them into the tub. I'm not supposed to be lifting heavy things either.

In this article about tenants rights: it says that a problem involving not having hot or cold water should be addressed in 24 hours. This document says the same thing as well, from the DPD site:

I will be calling my landlord again shortly to see when I can expect this 'guy' to get here to take a look at the apartment and will then call the DPD to see what my rights are as far as how long I have to wait for resolution, if it is appropriate to hold back paying rent (also 'due' this week) etc.

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