Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Hot Water...?

So...yesterday Geoff pointed out that there seemed to be a problem with the hot water in the bathroom..and guilty as charged, I brushed it off assuming it was just all used up and we needed to be patient (apartment living is great).

But then this morning...there's not only no hot water, but the cold water is just shooting out WAY more enthusiastically than usual. So I called the landlord...that was about 8am. I also left notes on my neighbor's doors, above, below, and next to me to see if they were having the same problem.

I've only talked to one neighbor, who isn't experiencing the problem, and apparently has a water heater in her apartment. She thinks that I do too, though the location she described is non-existent in my apartment and there are no mystery doors.

I got back home sometime in the early afternoon, I think around 12-1pm...and then called the landlord again, to let her know yes, it's still a problem. She picked up this time and said that some guy will be coming by tomorrow, which is great, I just really really hope that he can fix the problem, which we think has to do with pipes since the sinks all have plenty of hot water, just none in the tub, that water stays cold. Then I started answering a barrage of questions about when moving, where having baby etc. She asked when we were leaving and then mumbled something about "oh we were waiting to get some stuff done...." and then her voice faded.

I am SO ready to move into our house...from the complaints that my daughter laughs to loud to suggesting I should run her around at night before bringing her in back in the winter time when we were getting home at dark times I am just sick of living in an anti-kid, cardboard-walled, whiny-neighbors who think they should be able to live in silence despite having chosen to live here, environment.

I really miss my Brooklyn (NYC) neighbors...who all talked IN PERSON to each other, played their music loud, yelled to get each other's attention which was (probably still is) all more than acceptable. We all had problems only with ONE noise in that neighborhood, and that was the big-wig church across the street with the loudspeakers that could be heard from blocks away playing organ music and preaching nonsense...that was a real neighborhood.

Fortunately we have found a significantly less expensive way to do some of the required work on the house, so that is fabulous news...I just really want it to be done soon, and again, really hope to become friends with people in the area, which was my wish for this place but the shy/passive-aggressive/loner/terrified of human contact mentality of these people made it near impossible.

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