Friday, March 27, 2009

Less than 3 weeks!

I'm getting really excited, and had to share, because my due date is 8 days away, that pretty much means that I will have this baby within the next 3 weeks...

It is exciting and fun to think about meeting her and especially to see her daddy and her sister's faces when they meet her...I've been a mom before but it's her dad's first time and my daughter's first time having a little sister.

My daughter is 3.5 (yesterday on the dot!) and it sure is interesting to be going through these last few weeks...she and I have been so close over the years, going through lots of moves, my getting married, her getting a wonderful step-dad etc. I'm interested to see how she responds to having a little sister. She says she is excited, and she was just thrilled to hold my friends 1 month old baby about a week ago too, but I know she gets very possessive and might have a hard time with me being focused on her sister. I'm dealing with it by making deals with her about ways that she can help, like getting the diapers for me when we need them, helping to wash/snuggle/kiss the baby etc.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, we have 2 photoshoots set up to capture this time forever...I'm not in a rush which surprises people when they see me, honestly I love to see peoples responses when they ask me when I'm due and I casually say, "about a week" ... lol, totally cracks me up.

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