Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Search Experimenting

I am having a blast looking at all the options that the Google Adsense has to offer...if you look under my picture to the right of this post, I just added the search box that I find the most exciting.

Of course I configured it to work in a way that makes sense to me for the kinds of things that I like to look up an research which is why I'm so excited by it...basically I set it up to search through a long list of specified sites that I reference a lot, some are even sub-pages within sites (like the COBRA sites I've been checking obsessively after being laid off since I'm due RIGHT when my coverage is scheduled to end!).

I also have lots of mothering and a couple of political sites up too...I hope you'll have fun and try it out! I know I'll probably be using it more than anyone, but I'm really hoping that some readers of my blog find it interesting too. It will also search through my blog, this one, that you are reading right now, so you can find posts WAY more easily than clicking through all the months and years of old posts trying to go by the random titles that I've chosen.

I guess this is probably part of the 'tech' part of strawberrytechmama but I had to share...it's exciting stuff!

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