Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adjustments beginning...

I've gotten my paperwork for unemployment, I'll be getting about $540/wk which means that my most basic 'expenses' which are:

Rent - $1,100
Daycare - $900
Student Loans - $300
COBRA payments....(???)

Can't be covered...

Today I went to talk to a recruiter, I'm faxing in what should be my last Medical FSA, so I might get about $100 bucks out of that, and I am faxing in my deferral paperwork for my student loans. Yesterday I turned in an application for a new co-op daycare too that would save a lot of that money...

I'll have one of my first Arbonne parties tomorrow, so I am excited about far I have 2 people confirmed to come and am hoping for some more, not much of a response from most of the people I reached out to so I'll send follow up messages to them today too. It's exciting so far but not profitable yet, but I'm working on changing that and getting off unemployment asap.

The absolute biggest money saver would be to get the house done and ditch this apartment...unfortunately it takes money to do that, not to mention the money we'll have to be spending on our birthing expenses (I'm due in 3 weeks now).

Working hard to stay afloat!! Off to find a fax machine now...I think there's one right up the street.

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