Monday, April 13, 2009

Is there really a subsidy?

I've had a hard time deciding if/what to write about this whole process of getting on COBRA, as it has definitely been a kind of mystery that requires both patience and diligence.

I've established that I do qualify, and also that having been laid off on February 27th, with a 'last day' offically set at March 1, I should be able to use the subsidy from day one, since it started in early February. It took about 5 phone calls to Paychex but I do have the whole family listed under the COBRA plan, however the price is still 100% which is a bit out of my range at this point...fortunately I have direct communication with the financial team where I used to work, and they are helping me try and pin down what needs to be done, so no big complaints on that end but I'm wondering if it will really happen?

I also wonder, if I'm having such a hard time getting information, how on earth other people are handling it? Is anyone actually benefiting from this COBRA subsidy? Or are we all signing up for COBRA thinking we'll get it and then having to give it up due to not being able to apply for the subsidy?

At this point I am 9 days past my due date, and so will have a baby any day now, I really hope I can get this straightened out first before my head is in the newborn la-la land....

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