Friday, April 10, 2009

One week past due...

Today is a tired tired day...

Yesterday was fine, was kind of hyper by the end of it but today I'm tired...I'm a week past our 'by date' due date of 4/4 and 10 days late if you go by the ultrasound due date of 4/1.

Aside from being utterly fatigued...I feel pretty good. There was one contraction around 1am this morning that had me thinking it might happen, but I think I must have been experiencing some gas or something too, who knows. It woke me up and my stomach stayed hard for a looong time, was able to sleep after that though.

I'm hoping that I'll go into labor pretty soon...or at least get some more energy. Tomorrow we're scheduled to get a 'non-stress-test' that will make sure Hazel and I are both doing ok, and then on Monday, assuming she isn't here yet I'll be getting an ultrasound to make sure my placenta is still capable of giving her what she needs.

Right about now is when I really wanted to have Hazel, I made it to my big meeting yesterday and so am feeling pretty home-free about it all, aside from my tiredness that I mentioned of course...I really do feel exhausted, and I've had my normal black tea plus a half-caf mocha neither off which did a thing unless they are actually making me more tired.

I think Geoff is anxious a bit, he's running around in circles trying to get things done, but I think it's really nervous energy kind of like what I had 'okay, let's go!' kind of a thing...I'll probably drink my raspberry tea and herbal concoction and if I'm still tired go take a nap, there's an egg hunt at Kenzie's daycare at 3:30 though so I'll be going to that as well.

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