Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday (2 days past due)

Today is Monday, and we're officially 2 days past the EDD, I'm 40+ weeks pregnant.

I'm feeling pretty good, but have to admit that after the MS Walk yesterday I am definitely having a harder time moving in general...I 'can', in that I'm still taking Kenzie to daycare, running around doing errands as needed, appointments etc. but it does hurt more. Kenzie is feeling some after effects from the walk as well, this morning she had her first 'blister' experience, not a big bubbly one, but a kind of red sensitive type. It was cute to watch Geoff helping her and teach her how a bandaid could help a lot even though it's not a 'bloody' owie, which is the requirement we usually go by for bandaid use to keep from using them as accessories.

I'm optimistically hoping that Hazel comes into this world sometime between Thursday evening and Sunday...just because we have a lot of pretty important things that will be done by then. There's a crab feed on Saturday I'm looking forward to but I figure Geoff could grab a crab or two for me to eat at home...

On my way to go learn about franchising pretty soon...its an unemployment option the government seems to think I'd be good at, so we shall see! I'm always open to learning about new opportunities. I love doing the Arbonne, you know me though I need to always have at least a couple of things going on to keep myself entertained...

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