Friday, May 8, 2009


So..I'm having a hard time keeping up with myself, I feel like I'm doing a lot at once, so I just stopped what I was doing, and decided to evaluate.

I grabbed a pen, and started looking at all the tabs open in the browsers I have open on my computer (there are two windows open), and this is all that I have open: to look at my numbers, to configure my site calender, to set up my mailing list for the new monthly newsletter, looking at my credit monitoring service, which was open from Kenzie playing this morning, to look up requirements for selling my artwork at the upcoming Art Fair, where I was configuring a CRM application to see if I liked the way they did it, Gmail so I could, well, check my email, where I was updating all my different group profiles & update RSVP's, where I set up a tipit button you can see on this site (upper right), which is where I am now typing all this, which I'm also evaluating for CRM, which I didn't even get to doing anything yet, forget why I signed on there, & three tabs were for the Seattle Parks & Recreation where I was signing up Kenzie for classes...whew.

Now everyone's home, so all the work is on hold for a couple hourse ;-)

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