Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best $20 spent EVER!!

Oh my god...

No joke, this item has made me a happy person, and I have a feeling that soon, I will be even happier. Here's the story:

"It all started Tuesday night...I got the girls to bed probably around 10pm, then I stayed up doing who knows what until (gasp!) 2am. Not a huge deal, we usually get up pretty late. But then...Wednesday morning came and they had me up at 5:30am!!! Yes, this is 3.5 hours after I went to bed 8-[. So yesterday...oh was a rough day. Actually the daytime part was pretty good, but then it was bed time again. Kenzie didn't 'want' to sleep, I started the process around 8pm so we had time to read books. We read books and at some point, Hazel started crying. Hazel started yelling. Hazel would NOT go to sleep or be consoled, holding her, nursing, her vibrating chair, nothing could soothe whatever was wrong with her. I was losing my mind, I told Geoff I didn't want any more kids, I cried, then I REALLY cried, it was bad. I eventually gave her some gas medicine that I think eventually saved me. She went down around 10:30pm which isn't too bad, but considering the amount of sleep I was running on, it was LATE. Today I woke up, and felt the way I usually do after crying the night before, (which is happening pretty often with all these hormones in my system), kind of dazed, relaxed, face felt a bit swollen (love that my eye shadow has cucumber in it!!), and I functioned, but was tired, I felt 'spent'. I had a boost of energy around 4pm when I went to go get Kenzie, I was recruited to be a consultant for someone through the NMSS to help organize and hopefully soon facilitate a support group for Mom's with MS and lots of other good things. I picked up Kenzie with energy, excited to go for a walk while she rode her bike etc. For once she didn't want to though...and soon after we got home Hazel started crying...she seemed calm when I held her to my shoulder, but with my right side being partially numb, my left arm is getting SORE. She wouldn't go down! Then I remembered an item I purchased earlier... which I pulled out, plugged in and after laying just a few moments with her ... long story short she is DOWN. She is peacefully sleeping like a BABY."

I absolutely love my:

Now I'll tell you another story, about how I learned about this item, which I think is shorter, we'll see:

"This morning, after dropping off Kenzie, I went home, I had a plan today of RELAXING...after the last few nights I was beat. I had to pee though! So I went to the bathroom and whoops...used the last of the toilet paper! Needless to say I grabbed Hazel and ran right back out the door to go get T.P. (right after changing her diaper). We made it to Target where I picked up a shirt, some gifts for a party this weekend, a journal, blah blah. We left there, I put the stuff in the trunk and then realized I needed to print some pictures! I grabbed my camera and went back into Target to get them printed. They didn't have the digital ordering system there that printed right away but they directed me to Rite Aid, I decided I needed the exercise anyway I walked over to the Rite Aid & got my pictures (grandma needs some). Then walked to Starbucks...figured after all that, it was still before noon so I could get a drink. While in line, I got into a conversation with the woman behind me about babies! Turns out she has a 6 week old that wasn't with her, then we started chatting with the woman in front of me who is due in about 7 weeks who had this item in her hand. I asked her about it because I know listening to Geoff's meditation CD helps me sometimes, she went on and on about how wonderful it is and so I asked where she got it and it was in the same area...(yay!). So I stopped at one more store along the way to get goggles and a stretchy excercise thing and picked up this Homedics Sound Spa thing. I'm glad I didn't forget the toilet paper."

Guess I felt like typing/talking ;-)

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