Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now Hiring -- Direct Sales

Direct Sales is something that has intrigued me for years. At one point or another I've signed up with: Ideal Health, Passion Parties, Just For Fun, & now I am working with Arbonne (and I could connect you to the other things too!).

I'm looking for people who like me are driven to provide higher quality products and experiences into the lives of those that they care about. To teach about the importance of detox, introduce weight loss options, introduce hormone therapy, maybe do a few makeover parties too, and to value themselves enough to get paid what they are really worth based on their desire and willingness to make it happen.

Now that I'm really 'in it' I am really surprised at the resistance that I get from people when I mention what I do, how I make my money, etc. One common phrase that comes up is 'Pyramid Scheme', which completelly confuses me, as the network marketing, MLM, Direct Sales companies I've been involved with all were more of a mountain range than a pyramid. I feel and have always felt confident, for instance, that at any given point I could easily by-pass my upline in earnings if I really put my all into it. When I was working for a corporation I didn't feel so confident that I could take the CEO's position...honestly I do not see how anyone who actually takes the time to look at these things could possibly believe that direct marketing (think farmers market) is less fair and trustworthy than big business (think walmart). I feel confident that I am selling people high quality products. I am buying high quality products from other friends who are also involved in good Direct Sales companies. I love that I am compensated based on MY effort, not anyone elses mood or perception of how hard I am working. I am paid on straight numbers, commissions based on what I sell, who I sponsor etc. What could possibly be more fair than that? I can't get fired...I can take a day off whenever I want, I just have to accept that could affect my income a bit, at least until I build my business more.

I'm also finally getting back to improving that which is me. I am delving into my past, working on writing my bio, attending an empowered living class, staying active on all the teams I am a part of, spending time with my girls, and mailing a check to my bank evry couple of days from people who have bought product, commission checks, and checks for random side jobs I've taken on at the same time. No big checks yet I will admit, but that is because I'm just getting started, those will be coming soon enough.

There are a lot of you out there, who tell people about the good stuff you use, why not get paid for it?

I'm learning more about what I'm doing evrey day..and improving every couple of hours.

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