Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 4

Right now I am getting an IV of steroids. It is Day 4 which means tomorrow is my last day of this treatment, a taper of prednisone starts after that which is pills, done with IV's for a while after that.

I have been thinking a lot about what is happening and why. I believe it all is happening for a combination of reasons. Many stemming from past and present stress. Also it is building my reserve of stories to be told and lessons to be learned. I will be a very wise woman someday.

I am also taking as ment steps as possible to avoid this in the future. I am working my way back to following the swank diet because I did well and felt bettet when following a low fat diet in the past anyway, I also started the Arbonne Hybrid supplement program which I have known many people to have wonderful health and energy benefits from.

I am walking every day, usually with the stroller now which helps with my balance as a walker would. Geoff helps me too letting me hold his pocket for support.

Emotionally I am I think taking the most extreme steps. I will be going to Klemmer as Geoff did starting sometime in June or August. I will be seeing a neuropsych next week to discuss all i'm doing and are what kind of tips and recommendations she has. My friend recently became certified in hypnotherapy as well and we sill do what we can with that.

I feel the most driven to get better to care for my girls. Yesterday Kenzie my 3yo was in tears when they dropped me off at the hospital. I don't want her to be scared like that. I want to be the strong mom that both of them deserve and to run and play with them again and always. Kenzie hasn't been able to really play with me for a year or so what with the pregnancy limiting my rough housing capabilities, then being busy with baby and now with the MS she just wants her mommy back. I want the same.

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