Monday, June 29, 2009


It is definitely taking place, my typing is speeding back up!

Yesterdays sensory changes were good, a step towards having feeling a gain but man was it distracting...I think the best description that I had for what I was experiencing was that a lot of my skin on the right side felt like I had just had duct tape ripped off of it. Raw and kind of irritated sensation, also similar to a mild burn.

Now most of this is gone and I'm much closer to having normal feelings, my right hand is still numbish particularly on my ring and pinky finger. I'm still getting typo's related to that for sure. It was almost scary being at the neuro's office doing the finger tap test (tapping your index, then middle, ring & pinky on thumb one at a time as fast as possible) because I 'could' do it pretty fast, and was afraid he wouldn's see the problem, "I know this doesn't look bad but I can normally type at 79 words a minute" I said...I don't know if I can type that fast at this moment, certainly not wi/out typo's. I'm so glad to be able to type though, I've been blogging mosty by phone only because I could do it with my left hand.

Today I am starting with the Prednisone, Solumedrol was what I took for 5 days via IV in the hospital starting Wednesday last week and the Prednisone is meant to be a 'taper' off of that. I am hoping that the side effects aren't too intense or disruptive because I think I had it pretty easy with the Solumedrol. Thanks to the level headedness of my husband I didn't get to many of the moody symptoms, or I should say when I did he was able to help to not escalate my frustrations about some not so serious things.

Also fortunately I haven't seen side effects in Hazel, which is what I was equally if not more nervous about. It is definitely an emotional and trust testing experience to let them pump drugs into my body through my veins when I am feeding my baby from my body as well, knowing that some even if not much (they say) is being passed along to her. Not to mention my supply dropped a lot which made the 'pumping and dumping' that I was doing in he beginning near impossible. Her pediatrician said it was fine so long as it wasn't a long term steroid treatment and my neuro said to just go by what the pediatrician said...again I just hope with the taper drug, Prednisone, it doesn't mess with us too much.

On the good side, I'm up now, it's about 6am, been up for about half an hour, and I thought it was so much, Geoff and I had a great conversation last night about what we are doing and what needs to be done and I'm motivated and energized to get started. I'd thought he was already up and out jogging but it isn't even time for that yet! I feel like I'm getting some delayed energy from the 'roids or delayed nesting from back when I was pregnant or something. Or maybe I'm getting my soul, body and spirit finally in line and working in the same direction.

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