Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things are rolling...

Okay, so day two of what they call the 'Taper' (Prednisone in this case) which is a meant to smoothly take me off of the steroids I had been taking (Solu-medrol).

My feeling is almost totally back, I can safely say that I feel close to 90-95%. All I can really detect is with my right leg, and my right pinky/ring finger. I can't run/jog, but keeping my balance isn't really an issue, nor is walking which I'm thrilled about.

On the other side of things, I have definitely experienced that boost of energy that you hear about from these treatments! In addition to that after listening to a local doctor in nutrition talking about the effects of different supplements and foods have on MS I've taken s0me new supplements today as well (Alpha Lipoic Acid, Sardines, B12). I also had some nice time in the sunshine to boost my vitamin D a bit, any of these could be upping my energy.

The results of this boost today are as follows:
  • Sent in my application to join the board of CAFETY
  • Submitted my application to become an MS Ambassador to represent the NMSS and spread MS Awareness
  • I started a new online NING community for Mother's with MS
  • Created new MEETUP group for Mother's with MS (so we can meet in person too!)
  • Met 2 great women through the course of the day that I hope to be working with soon
So, I've got a lot of balls rolling that can turn into some really exciting projects and activities. I can safely say that I am really enjoying life right now and have a BIG to-do list that I'm equally excited about. Soon I plan on being able to say:
  • Launched again finally (not yet! you can look if you want but it is very in progress...)
  • Started July Fundraising Campaign benefitting NMSS
We'll see how all that works out....

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