Saturday, June 6, 2009

Out of the BOX

Geoff came back recently from an amazing experience with an organization called Klemmer. I was home with the girls, which had it's pro's and con's, lol. Lots of time with them, and also of course some hard times.

Anyway, a big part of me was very jealous that he got to go and work on his personal mastery, we both are working hard on self improvement and dealing with demons of the past in order to move forward in life as we're convinced that on some level they are holding us back. It's time to put an end to that so we can move on to doing what we are really supposed to be working on and put these demons to rest.

Fortunately, we are also both very dedicated to maintaining our relationships with each other. Both having come from broken homes, we are fully aware that it requires effort and we are more than willing to put in the time. We have a great book by John Gottman we are working through and it is absolutely helping, especially in this time where I've felt disconnected from this beautiful journey he is on with Klemmer, it brings us back in line.

He brought back with him a book that I picked up and started reading, finished last night that is a very very good book that refers to our 'box' and how important it is, both professionally and personally it is to stay out of it. I'm glad he brought this book home because it was an easy read, and I feel like it was a very profound simple life lesson summarized beautifully.

I believe that for anyone who is experiencing trouble with their teenagers, employees, spouse, or family should read this. It should be required for those considering sending or want to avoid feeling like they need to send, their kids off to the wilderness or a boarding school to be fixed as well. Also if you buy it through the link above it will give me some commission...and help get us through this journey called life...

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