Friday, July 17, 2009

Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine's are a hot topic every year...and normally I don't think much of those emails that get forwarded around each season made to scare the pants off everyone.

Recently Geoff took a trip to California and met a doctor whose lifes work is dedicated to educating the public about what is going on with the vaccines we are giving our children year after year.

Here is an informative email she sent out today on this topic, I published the flyer that was attached as a web page via google docs with her permission.


See, recently I've gotten involved with Arbonne, through which I've learned a lot about regulations and lack there of regarding the poisons that are being used in everything from vitamins to baby soap. There is a huge lack of regulations and information available to the public is tainted. I recommend reading this article & I'll be posting more similar articles as I get them in the future.

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