Friday, July 10, 2009

So close but...

Applying to jobs now...I've got my side projects still going strong but am now focusing on finding a steady stream of income via employment.

I have no problem with this, except of course, I will miss my baby. She is getting close to 3 months old now and the thought of leaving her with someone just breaks my heart. I was able to stay with Kenzie through her whole first year, and though it was a tough year I strongly feel it was worth it.

Now though, there is so much to gain from a job...and lose without one.

My husband of course is also well into the job searching, applying to jobs as a "Web Producer" and other creative project management jobs mostly. I'm also interested in project/program management though the job I'm most interested in has a title of "Strategic Initiative Manager" though I am missing the 5 years of corporate sales they require, so we will see how that goes. I am also applying to a variety of non-profit jobs that are all for wonderful causes. They don't seem to pay as much but I believe that the feeling of doing something that is truly worthwhile and helpful would balance that out a bit. I would really like to learn about fundraising and how the whole non-profit scene works though anyway because Geoff and I have some pretty grand ideas about the kinds of non-profits we want to be able to start in the near future. Some experience in working with non-profits would be valuable in so many ways.

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