Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A long time ago, I was doing what I believe I need to be doing now.

I had Kimby Designs...which was my DBA for all the random things I was doing, working on websites, doing illustrations, technical support, all sorts of stuff like that. What I was REALLY doing though was on (nothing is up there now) and I had something awesome going there, something very therapeutic that I loved working on but that was too overwhelming to maintain (kept getting spam in the message boards) I had almost all my illustrations (can bee seen HERE or @ look at the ink drawings) online, along with a story about what they mean to me, along with a place for people to share what the image meant to them.

This is what I want to do now, I think I'm better at promoting my illustrations and work and if I could find a way to make it profitable at all...I'd be in good shape.

It may seem this is a random divergence to reality, it's not as random as it seems...I'm taking a class right now and I'm tasked with coming up with a business plan. Of course I can come up with about a dozen but I have been having trouble thinking up something that I'd actually like to do, this is important because the job applications aren't going well, self employment will be going on with or without a job. If I could have help from other people making it viable even better!!

Anyway...I thought if it because we're supposed to bring in a business card that shows what we do, and when I dug up my old Kimby Designs ones voila! That's how I had designed those. I'll bring those in for sure...

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