Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mount Bachelor

Mount Bachelor Academy, I'd like to say, "Fuck You.".

I can not believe that parents still are sending their children to be in your care.

I do owe you a few things, like removing the tiny bit of trust from the relationships I had with the people in my life that are commonly referred to as 'family'. For teaching me that yes, I can survive on the streets, living off of sugar, coffee, and whatever I could get from churches and people giving things away, (this is how one survives on the streets). Also, for teaching me that one can sleep at a truck stop with out being bothered, at least not too much. For teaching me sex in a sleeping bag is possible. For teaching me that it is possible to be able to be somewhere, and t0 have to lie to every single person because you know you can not trust them. For teaching me that I can survive and leave any situation that is plain psycho, as was my experience staying with you. I'm grateful that I was able to leave more than anything.

I'd like to say Fuck You for taking the necklace my mother made for me when I was being registered, then mysteriously being unable to find it once we requested it after I ran away, I wonder what 'safe keeping' means in this coded academic language of yours. I actually felt good after completing the hellish challenges of Red Cliff Academy, but you took allllll that away.

Now it is kind of my mission to educate parents about being involved in their children's not trust the slick marketing telling them they can send their children away to be fixed...instead to go to real group counseling and spend *gasp* time with their children to figure out what is going on, or send them to family, move to a different city, things of that nature.

If anyone reading this is considering sending their child to Mount Bachelor, don't. Don't. DON'T. Your child is yours, and deserves better. Adolescent years are rough, and at some point they end. Look for character building programs, like Klemmer or other POSITIVE programs to build the good in your children not kill it.

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