Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have been taking a class through the Washington Business Center (used to be Women's Business Center) it is called "Launch and Grow your " and while it's been interesting I have been flip flopping faster than any political candidate ever regarding 'which' business I want to focus/work on. In my mind I'm thinking about the book writing, community building, all the MLM's I'm involved in, my volunteer roles and sooo much more, how can I focus on one?? Anyway, now that it is ending next week which is when I need to present a business plan, I have decided where I need to focus though in what regards I'm still not sure, though I know where I'm leaning. I think that what I have spent time on really shows my passions and what I'm most likely to thrive doing and that is working with Moms with MS.

I launched the community on July 1 this year after suffering my first bad flare-up since my diagnosis in 2001. I've watched it grow like crazy, we're now over 90 members and it's barely been 2 months and we are not yet listed in or supplied brochures at any NMSS locations or on their site aside from links on their facebook page. One member told me she found the site through google even which is fabulous, means we're showing up in people's searches when they are looking for what we provide.

At this point though we are 'only' a community. I have it being run through a (wonderful) ning platform which is great as a community but so much more is needed for this site!! I want to supply moms with information, help them promote what they are doing, feature people, have specialists contribute regarding cutting edge information that affects us MoMS and so forth. So as I told my husband a few minutes ago...I need to get started with a mindmap because for this topic my brain is exploding with ideas and even better, I'm getting loads of support and encouragement from anyone I talk to about this, whether they are affected/in the field or not.

Time to get started on that business plan...after the mindmap and find focus within this focus of course.

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