Friday, March 11, 2011

Working Out Again Finally!!!

I am absolutely LOVING the local YMCA!! I recently applied and got accepted at a discount rate and I have gone in to work out two times so far!!

A long long time ago, about ten years when I was 19 I was actually certified as a lifeguard and spent LOTS of time swimming, I loved it! At that time I was able to swim almost every day that I worked because when the pool was was mine, it was fabulous and I really enjoyed my time swimming there. It was a small pool in an apartment building that had a gym in it. Once I was done being a lifeguard and started working at different internships and random jobs I didn't really swim much, I think it was one time that I went to swim at a pool in NYC where a friend was a lifeguard with Kenzie as a baby...maybe I'll have to find some of those ancient pictures sometime because it was fun!

Point being, I have not gone swimming for a VERY VERY long time, though I consider myself to be a bit of a fish in that I love it so dearly. Also that I have never actually been a member at a club with a pool! I have only ever been a lifeguard (at least as an adult) at such a gym and this is an absolute luxury as far as I am concerned!!!

My first workout, detailed in this post I used the eliptical machine, it was my first time leaving Hazal in the childcare there and I wanted to make sure I stayed very accessible just in case. I got a full 30 minutes in there which was nice. There wasn't any water in there though so I will definitely be sure to bring a water bottle next time! Two days later (aka yesterday) I went ahead and went to the pool. It was comical! I remembered lots of important things, goggles, swimming suit, lotion, shampoo (well baby wash, I'd given my shampoo to Kenzie for when she went swimming), and even clean underwear to put on afterwards! What I forgot though...was my contacts!!

I knew I wanted to swim, and knew that I would want to wear my goggles, but I forgot my contacts! I wear glasses these days and so it was definitely a funny moment. I went walking out to the pool area with my goggles and found my way to a lifeguard (or "someone in red" so far as I really could tell, lol. I then explained to him, as I stood there in my maternity suit pregnant as can be, that today was my first day and that I couldn't see because I'd forgotten my contacts. I couldn't tell which lanes were for us regular people to swim in because there were some classes/team practice going on at the same time.

He was able to help me get to the right lane and I was off! I did about 20 laps and it was about time to go! I definitely got a workout and came to the conclusion I'm definitely a "Medium" swimmer speed-wise. I kept getting passed in the first lane I was in and then kept having to wait, or do a slower stroke in the second. It was absolutely fabulous though and I hope to go again this afternoon before picking up Kenzie from school!

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