Saturday, September 24, 2011

Running on low...

This past week has been intense. I have been suffering from a minor cold, that has major impact. I'm sitting home now, husband and girls have just left to go to the park, and I'm frustrated that I feel incapable of participating in fun stuff with them. Hence the picture I posted here. I feel like I'm running on less than half empty.

I don't have any kind of fever, most of last week I was sneezy, nose running, and coughing a lot. I still have some chest congestion now and an overall feeling of malaise that is hard to explain to people that matter.

My husband is frustrated that I am having a hard time following his awesome progress in getting an outline done for his book, that I can't focus on listening, and probably that I'm not cooking/cleaning much if at all recently. Looking around, I can say that I am very frustrated about this too. I have not been able to maintain the general semi-cleanliness around here and I am really frustrated that I don't have the energy to catch up. I can do some stuff but my mind is not working clearly. I keep thinking of things to do, going to get started, and getting either distracted or realizing I have to do something else first, and then forgetting what I was doing.

It's funny how he thinks I don't do much, then to actually have me out of see the dramatic results of stuff everywhere. I do a lot, and I deserve more credit.

I have SO much to do. My daughter is turning 6 on Monday. I need to wrap some of her presents, plan her party, write up the invites, do a HELL of a lot of laundry (it's all over!!) and of course nurse and change Zazen every five minutes and keep Hazel from hurting herself or anyone else. All while not letting Kenzie see her presents. I don't know where the tape is though, so now what? I feel like I need either a gallon of coffee, maybe iced tea too, and some serious bumping dance music.

Kid free time seems to be a thing of the past and it is, in conjunction with this cold, really really breaking me down. Zazen is fussing behind me now so I'll go care for him and *hopefully* remember I need to wrap the presents. Oh but the table is dirty, and I have to find the paper and the tape to wrap them with. Will it happen? I don't know. I really just feel like going back to bed right now. Here I come little guy.

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