Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mall Job?

I'm feeling kind of like a teenager again...I want money, but I don't really want to work. I want it to be as easy and convenient as possible so that I can focus on my kids/life (no I didn't have kids as a teen, but I had a "life").

So I'm looking locally...I live near a big mall, I'm looking there, I'm looking at the local Barnes and Noble, and I'm looking on craigslist for what is available.

Also I'm talking to any and all local businesses about their online presence and if they need help with it! As you know my StrawberryTech Tips site has the details about that there, well all but pricing anyway. Maybe I should be focusing on that...

Then there is Arbonne too which I'd love to work more on, it's fallen a bit to the wayside but I'm definitely still a client!! Good quality stuff is what is most important to me, and the Pure, Safe, Beneficial tagline is something I  like to live by, as is the vegan part, as I do eat meat but I don't want to 'wear' it.


jody moore said...

I hear you, I want it too, this is why I'm doing what Im doing.
jody moore

David Marshall said...

Let me know if you figure out the "convenient money" trick.