Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer!! Yay!!

Ok, I don't know but I may be more excited about summer vacation than my kids are...last Monday it was a beautiful sunny day and I couldn't help but keep my first grader she wasn't sick, I wanted to keep her home to have fun in the sun!!

It's all working out to be an exciting summer. We are planning on moving sometime in the middle of it, well I should say halfway in the middle of it and the rest of the way at the end of the summer. All good changes though of course I'm sure it will be a lot of work too.

I'm looking into all kinds of summer camp options too, probably nothing for the whole summer but a week here and there doing cool things. I think I'm excited to NOT be rushing them off to school in the morning and the time to do more fun stuff WITH them rather than hearing about it after school.

Let's hope the sun comes out again today!! Being in Seattle I never really know what the weather will be like...keeps it very exciting.

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