Sunday, March 22, 2009

Acupuncture, Concert, Coffee & Pedicure...

Looking forward to today, we've got a bunch of fun plans including a music concert, coffee shop meetup, and then a mani/pedicure in Bellevue...can't beat that!

I had an absolutely amazing experience today, and I am SOLD on eastern medicine being superior to western...I woke up with terrible pain whenever I moved my neck, it was like a pinched nerve or something. I couldn't look side to side or up and down with out actually crying out "ouch" it was scary just because it was Friday and I was worried about anyone having time to help me with it!

I called my doctor's office (western medicine) and they pretty much said, 'but did anything happen?' and I explain that i don't know what caused it but I can't move my neck with out excruciating pain, and seeing as how I'm giving birth to a baby soon, it's just not a good time for that what can I do to fix it? They pretty much told me there was no reason to come in, and that he'd most likely tell me to take some tylenol and rest.

Then, I called my midwife, who wasn't in so I left a message.

Then I called an acupuncturist that I've been working with recently...and he let me make a same day appointment to come on in and take care of it! I got there and I kid you not he FIXED IT. He was able to use needles and some deep flicking massage type technique, throw in a few herbs and moxa and voila!! I can look all over without pain!!

I'm now convinced that most (no, not all!) doctors are just pharmacists, they get paid, to help the pharmaceutical companies get paid and they can all go chuckle at their little cocktail parties. Blows my mind that an ancient medicine, can just FIX something like this, and that western medicine has not paid any mind to this. My doctors office didn't say a word about massage or acupuncture just drugs, and apologizing they can't give me the 'good stuff' because I'm pregnant.

I HIGHLY recommend trying acupuncture with your next medical problem...he was able to turn my breech baby, AND make my almost immobile neck mobile again (to walk without pain, I looked like I was walking with a full neck brace on prior to seeing him!), and the latter took about 30-40 minutes at the most.

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