Monday, March 16, 2009

Tipped Over...

I'm cracking up right now, and I'm glad I didn't give my husband a heart attack, I just totally scared him!! This is how it happened...

...We just got back from seeing our midwife, all is well baby-wise and she is at the moment in the correct birthing position. I'm making progress, but no dilation yet.

On my way from the car to the apartment I picked up the mail, I didn't have much, about 4 envelopes 2 of which are advertising. I opened the packages/fliers etc. while squatting (so I could further progress the baby positioning) and then I went to the kitchen to put the envelopes into the recycling bag (we always have a paper bag for these items just outside of the sink in the kitchen). My wonderful husband had just taken all the trash and recycling out though, so there wasn't a bag. No biggie, I'm not helpless, (I told myself), and I bent over as much as I could to see if I could reach a paper bag. Nothing in sight, so I figured I should squat and dig a bit to find a paper bag. Here's the funny part...I didn't step back far enough from the counters/ I started to squat...there wasn't room for my knees, so I 'bumped' into the counter with my knee, which tipped me over, pretty slowly but apparently there were dramatic sound effects!! I landed on my big soft bum, so I didn't experience any pain but oh my goodness did he come running fast..."What happened???!!!" all I could do was crack up, I said something like, "I tried to squat" between giggles..."there wasn't enough room".

I'm just fine, and still occasionally cracking up while thinking about it, and I'm grateful for my extra padding in back...LOL!!!

I'm also glad that the baby is in if only she'd stay there! I'm going to go moxa my pregnancy stabilization points...then go pick up my big three and a half year old for her swimming lessons. I don't think I'll make it to the LLL meeting tonight because it seems like it's happening a bit late...maybe though since my lovely man will be at some Masonic Meeting...maybe I'll let Kenzie decide.

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