Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gaskets, Leaks & Oil....oh my!

So...for the last couple of weeks I've noticed this light coming on, that represents the coolant that the radiator uses. I read through the Mercedes handbook and found out I can in a pinch pour in some water.

Skip ahead a few weeks...I'm starting to get freaked out, put water in it a few times but it seems like it's getting more frequent...NEED TO TAKE IT SOMEWHERE...I didn't know where though. Eventually I was bitching enough to get G to ask his friends and we got a GREAT referral!!! I took the car to Friedels in Renton, they are awesome, told me to come by for free to check out the problem. I'd been a bit cynical at first...they charge half of what the local Mercedes dealer does for labor & it wasn't clear if they were a jack of all trades who happened to touch a Mercedes before or what. Boy was that a mis-guided assumption. I drove up and there was like, 15-20 old Mercedes that were around the shop that were at least as old if not older than the one that I was driving (1992) it felt like one of those 'ahhh' moments where the clouds clear and a beam of sunshine comes down from the sky.

Good news: I was right, there is a leak and it is not good that I had to keep putting water into the coolant fluid. This problem will be fixed tomorrow when I bring it back for just over $100.

Bad news: We saw oil in the coolant...there is NOT supposed to be oil in the coolant and this means that there is a 'blown gasket' which isn't a good thing. This one will cost closer to $1,000 they told me I could wait on that one, (they could see I'd be busy by the size of my belly) but to watch the heat (should stay around 80 degrees and only occaisonally and BRIEFLY reach 100 degrees, any more = problem). He also said to make sure I keep my cel phone on me and charged.

So the car is okay, just need to find some $ to get that gasket repaired...booking more parties now...

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