Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Camp

Summer Camp has it's impact on all of us...fortunately for us, my father decided to contribute towards a week of a camp that my oldest daughter is at this week. It is an interesting side effect that it is pretty far away from our house, and it is a daycamp. It takes about 40m to drive out there and so now I'm looking at this week ahead of us and thinking about what I can do to kill some time during the day, with my little ones (4 & 2yo) during the day...

So far I have been tipped off about a Kids Museum, and also another Zoo (I say another because this isn't "the" zoo of Seattle that we usually go to). I am thinking of a beach, well lakeside, day too with a picnic etc. will probably be in order...and I'm hoping that one of the days we can hang out at the camp which is on a farm, and partake in all the activities there...of course the open days might not be open while camp is going on.

It's an adventure though any way you look at it! Combined with the constant dietary pivot even more so.

One cool added side effect is that between home and camp is Daddy's office, so we will be picking him up most days which is very nice. This morning he even drove with us all the way to the farm which was a fun surprise.

Maybe another Seattle Ferris Wheel day is needed sometime soon...

I haven't decided on any other summer camps but I really do want to get the girls into swimming maybe we'll just do that instead. We are definitely enjoying this hot Seattle summer though.

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