Thursday, July 11, 2013

What is a Nursette?

I had to google this one...I got an email from a big toy/baby chain store (from my registry 4 years ago?) advertising 50% off these things called "Nursettes". I imagined since it uses the word "Nurse" which refers to of course breastfeeding, it had something to do with little boobs? Maybe those nipple shields that help sometimes when women are having troubled nursing? Perhaps it is for shy nursing moms who want a small kind of cover to wear over themselves and baby for privacy when they Nurse In Public.


Nursettes are little prefilled, premixed bottles of formula that are ready for baby. One of the things that came up in the google search even said that it was for newborns which I kind of reacted to. I reacted to it with sympathy for the baby who is fed that upon being brought into this world rather than the milk that mother nature made custom for that baby through mom. I felt tears welling up thinking about the mom who for some reason, either guilt, shame, or maybe medical reasons decided not to give this gift to her baby. I can only imagine the feelings that go with it.

Then I started thinking of the other side...the business side of it. I wonder if in the product development meetings,  that led to labeling this artificial human milk product after the process used to extract actual human milk from the mammary glad of a human, were hoping that the reference would make it seem more pure? More natural? I'm sure it is definitely more convenient than those cans that they sell of powder to mix into the stuff, I wonder if they sell "Nurses" for the larger babies? I mean if they use the word "Nursette" then it is referring to a smaller version of something called "Nurse" or "Nurses" right? Then I started thinking about little nurses and yeah, well I think that was about the time I googled the word because I had no idea.

I think I was hoping it was a cover, which I was thinking about blogging about because I personally never felt the need for a nursing cover. That would have been a much lighter blog post, research project, whatever the last twenty minutes was. I could have even supported that as I know some pretty cool moms who make and sell those (like LilSoak)

Now I think I just want to go snuggle my baby sleeping next to me as I type this up...and when he wakes up saying "Na-na!" I'll lift my shirt, and give him a sip of mommy milk so he can doze back to sleep...yawn...

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